Le Lien | Singer, Actor & Entertainer

Le Lien - Singer, Songwriter and Actor

Le Lien is a Spunky and soulful artist. In just a short amount of time, she joined a rock band, was offered a publishing contract and performed at the House of Blues. She released two singles worldwide: “ Give Me Your Love” in 2014, and “ Somebody To Love” in 2015.

Each single is unique, with a charming feminine grit. As it turns out, Le Lien is
multitalented, as she not only sings, but also is a passionate and hard working actor with several IMDB credits to her name.
Le  often envisions her songs as music videos. She has stated that it’s as if songs come to her out of thin air. Her inspiration isn’t tied to any single person or thing. However, she derives her musical inspiration from real world
sources. It’s definite she has captured something special in her music. The future looks bright for Le Lien: more musical gigs, and songs are coming her way, and she continues to pursue new acting opportunities. It is not an opinion, but fact when it is said that Le Lien is Hollywood’s hidden gem.



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